Abby Update: 40 Days Old

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Gestation: 34 weeks, 2 days
Weight: 4 pounds, 4 ounces
Feedings: 39 milliliters fortified to 24 cal every 3 hours by gravity or bottle

It has been a hard weekend for Abby. Here are her numbers from nursing and bottle attempts.

Friday Evening: Nursed 0, Bottled 10
Saturday Morning: Nursed 0
Saturday Evening: Nursed 34!
Sunday Afternoon: Nursed 0
Sunday Evening: Nursed 10 (Mommy’s estimate), Spit up 10, Nursed 12 more
Monday Morning: Nursed 0, Bottled 6

Percent of total feeds taken by mouth Saturday: 20%
Percent of total feeds taken by mouth Sunday: 18%

Friday night we gave Abby her first bottle. She took 10, and went on to take about 6 or 7 ml per feeding over the weekend. In the past day she has upped that to about 12 per feeding and she took half of her bottle (!) at one feeding this morning.

Abigail has been and still is fighting with spit up and digestive problems. She has not been able to fill a diaper on her own yet, but the nurses have started giving her glycerine suppositories that help her to go. The doctors don’t really like giving suppositories at this point because babies can become dependent on them. However, when Abby isn’t able to go on her own, her belly fills up, she stops digesting, she won’t nurse or bottle feed, and she spits up.

Saturday, after the suppository, Abby reached a personal record by nursing 34 out of her 37 milliliter feeding! We were thrilled. Sunday afternoon I was set up for another great success. Instead it was the worst feeding session ever.

Dan had to stay outside with Lydia because she was very tired and more than just a little too loud to be brought in with us. Now, usually, Dan takes care of getting Abby out of her crib, unhooking her wires, weighing her, plugging her back in, and handing her to me. This makes it very easy for Abby and I to get comfortable, and it’s efficient so we’re not wasting Abby’s limited awake time. Without Dan’s help I was on my own to do everything (for the first time) and it didn’t go nearly as smoothly. By the time I was finally situated and ready to feed Abby, the new neighbor baby next to us started crying. I think that distracted Abby a little more. I was flustered and she was flustered and ended up doing nothing, even though I’m sure she was hungry. Then the nurse gravity fed her too quickly and she had a couple massive spit up episodes all over me.

Sunday night Dan had a terrible headache and was stressed out and tired, but he graciously came with me so I wouldn’t have a repeat of the afternoon feed. Abby started off well, but spit it all up. We reweighed her to find that, sure enough, the weights were the same before and after. She tried again and took in 12.

Today Abby is being switched from HMF (human milk fortifier) to a concentrated liquid fortifier. Dan and I have been concerned that the cows-milk based formula may be contributing to some of Abby’s problems and don’t know if this will cause things to improve, stay the same, or get worse. We are hoping to talk to a doctor at some point about the possibility of taking Abby off of the fortifier or fortifying some other way, but we’ll wait to see how she does on this new one.

It was just last Wednesday that the doctor said she’ll probably be home in 2 or maybe 3 weeks. Today the doctor (a new one) said, “Well, it sure would be nice if she could make it home for Thanksgiving, but…we’ll see.” It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

Praise the Lord
We are thanking God for:
-Abby’s occasional nursing success
-continued weight gain
-that Abby has finally started bottles

Please Pray:
-that Abby will not become suppository dependent
-that spit up will not continue to be a problem, and that we would know if there’s something we can do to help her out
-that Abby will get back to nursing well
-that Abby will start succeeding more with bottles
-that we will be able to trust God and anchor our emotions and attitudes to Him, not being so easily elated or devestated by Abby’s success or failure

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  1. Thanks again..we shall be praying for these requests….and for you and Dan . Praying the progress will smooth out go steadily better! Love you all…cling to His Hand.

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