Preschool Letter Craft Kits

When Lydia was in preschool, I sat down every week to create two letter crafts – an uppercase and lowercase – for each letter of the alphabet. She looked forward to gluing them together every week and learning her new letter and it’s sound, and seeing what each craft was going to be. I, however, began to dread my letter-craft-creating mornings. When Abby was approaching preschool-age, I started searching the internet to find some sort of pre-cut-out letter craft kits to buy so I wouldn’t have to make them. I was so surprised that I couldn’t find anything. So, Dan and I decided to create a few of our own so that if there was anyone else out there like me, there would be another option. So, here you go, Taylor-made letter craft kits for your adorable preschooler.

Letter crafts are a fun, easy way to teach children their alphabet and letter sounds, or to reinforce what they’re already learning. However, drawing, tracing, and cutting out pieces for these crafts can be tedious and time consuming. Now, with these kits, the work is done for you. Each letter kit contains a construction paper letter, a construction paper background, and all the pieces to glue together into an adorable craft. Touching the paper letter gives children a hand-on introduction to the alphabet, and the final product provides an easy way to remember the letter sounds. These crafts can be hung on the wall or fridge, three-hole-punched and put into a binder, or laminated and bound so children can look back on their own Alphabet Book.

Each craft is individually packaged in a plastic bag to keep pieces separate and easy to find. There are 52 crafts total, 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase. In total, this set includes 52 crafts with over 1000 pieces. All materials are hand-cut out of construction paper. These kits provide an easy, no-prep, hands-on, educational activity your child will love.

As these do contain small pieces, adult supervision is recommended.

Letter names
Letter sounds
Fine motor skills (glueing)
Alphabetical order

Recommended Ages:
3 – 7 years old

Price: $100
Shipping: $8

Please email me at if you are interesting in purchasing a letter craft kit set, or if you have any questions.

Thanks, and happy crafting!