Introducting Abigail Faith

Here’s is my promised pregnancy shot from the past weekend.  The picture on the left is me 28 weeks along with Lydia.  The picture on the right is me at 28 weeks with Baby 2.

 photo pregnancies_zps233c3fe6.jpg

Here’s Lydia on her birthday, just 2 weeks and 6 days after that picture was taken.

 photo Lydia_zpsad5f6b45.jpg

And here is Baby 2 on her birthday, just 4 days after that second picture was taken.

 photo Abigail_zps507fb867.jpg

Introducing Abigail Faith Taylor

Born: September 11, 2013 at 4:53 am

Weight: 2 pounds, 15 ounces

Length: 15.75 inches

Well, little Abby decided to come even earlier than her sister.  While so much of this labor and delivery was not what we had prayed or hoped for, God’s handiwork was all over it.  From the preparation of our hearts and minds leading up to labor, His provision for everything we needed, just before we needed it, answered prayers during labor and delivery, and Divine Protection, God was definitely in charge of this situation.

 photo Justine_zps11067ec9.jpgI plan to post the details of Abigail’s birth story later, along with updates on how she is doing.  For now, Baby is doing very well (for her age) and Mommy is recovering well too.  We are currently trying to figure out a plan for handling our Munchkin along with this new little one, as we expect to spend the next two or three weeks with Abby in the hospital NICU.

7 thoughts on “Introducting Abigail Faith

  1. So precious, Justine. My prayers are on your family and especially Abby as she grows and strengthens. Bless you, Dan and Lydia as you wait for her to come home!

  2. Congratultions on your daughter, our new great-granddaughter!!! Many, many are praying for all of you…if she’s half the fighter her sister was, she’ll be home with you before you know it!! Love you all so very much.

    • Thanks Megan, things are crazy right now, trying to figure out a schedule. We’re back and forth a lot between home and the hospital and we’re moving on Friday. Maybe after we move and have a schedule I can let you know when we’ll be home and you can stop by. Or, I’ll let you know when we’re at the hospital and you can stop by there and meet Abby too.

  3. Congratulations!! She’s so beautiful and precious. Let me know if I can do anything to help – with you and Dan, with Lydia, bringing food, whatever!

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