Munchkin Update: 2 Years, 11 Months

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Can you believe this kid is going to be three next month?

We can’t. Our Lydia is so energetic and spunky. It makes her quite a handful, but it sure is a fun handful. She loves to…

Wear her pajama pants on her head to pretend like she has long hair.

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Paint and create.

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Attack her Abby with their stuffed bear.

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and she is just. so. cool.

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This past month was especially, well, special, when Lydia learned about Easter. It has been sweet for us as parents to talk to Lydia about Jesus and see her start to respond in an understanding way as we tell her the stories. We have had a lot of fun teaching her Bible verses to song and then letting her sing them for anyone who will listen.

Lydia still calls Qdoba, “Dobah-kah” and she still calls spaghetti, “swabahgee”, but maybe that’s because Dan and I do too. She reminds us of the simple pleasures in life, like wearing sunglasses every single time we get in the car regardless of the time of day (or night), or saying “Wheeeee!” whenever we drive around a long entrance ramp to the highway.

She loves to see her friends, “the peoples”, at church. And after an exciting event, she likes to tell the story of what happened over and over again giggling the whole time.

Despite her bundles and bundles of energy, she still likes to snuggle with Mommy, especially when she’s tired or gets hurt. One day I was trying to get Lydia to finish a carrot stick and I told her she was like a “little bunny”. So “Little Bunny” has become a new nickname for her. She frequently tells me she’s my Little Bunny. She calls me “Big Bunny” (Dan too), and Abigail “Baby Bunny”. But sometimes when I ask her “Are you my Little Bunny?” she tells me, “No. I’m Lydia!”.

She’s our munchkin, our little bunny, our big girl, our Lydia. And she’s almost three!

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  1. Hard to believe she’s going to be three…and how precious she is! Love the “long hair”!!!! Thanks for the update.

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