Almost Three

Tomorrow morning, at 7:52, Lydia will turn three. We’ll probably spend most of the morning playing outside. I will probably make her take a nap even though it’s her birthday. Then we’ll pull together a birthday dinner that will definitely include tortilla chips. We’ll tell her birth story and celebrate that God has given us three whole years with our little Munchkin. Our Little Bunny. Our Big Girl. Our Gooselet. Our Lydia.

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3 thoughts on “Almost Three

  1. Happy birthday, sweet Lydia! We stopped giving our current 3 yo naps around 2 and 8 months…but that was because the sweet girl was up really late if we let her nap. But she still gets cranky some days because she is tired.

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Lydia…what a thrill to see how she has grown!! We appreciate the pictures and blogs so we are able to keep up with her. She has such expressive eyes!!!! Give her a birthday hug, please. Love you all.

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