So Much to Say…So Little Time!

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Even though I have a handful of blog posts practically written in my head, getting them typed up on the computer is another story!

The kids just keep me so busy. Right now Lydia is begging me to take her outside so she can ride her bike with its new training wheels. Getting training wheels is probably the most exciting thing that has happened in her life to date (at least from her point of view). Paul is crawling around looking for a snack, and Abby is (thankfully) still napping. Someday I will be old and my house might actually be clean, and I might actually have time to write again, but right now being Mom is just a bigger priority.

So, enjoy a few pictures and a new look on the blog. Paul finally made it into the header picture. Way to go Buddy!

I am off to watch my biggest Munchkin ride her bike while I feed the others orange slices to keep them happy despite the cold.

One thought on “So Much to Say…So Little Time!

  1. You have your priorities right!!! Being a mom is so important! Love the new pictures …it makes me smile to see all the smiles on your little ones’ faces!!! So enjoy this new experience with Lydia, and we will look forward to your blogs, whenever they come!!! Love you all.

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