Taylor Family Timeline

…because it helps if you know a little bit about us!

April 2, 1988
A little girl was born in Northern Michigan. Her parents named her Justine Ruth.


January 28,1989
A cute baby boy was also born in Northern Michigan. His parents named him Daniel Francis.


March 23, 2007
Even though they had attended the same church for most of their lives, college Freshman Justine and High School Senior, Dan, struck up a conversation at a youth group event. At the end of the night, Dan left with Justine’s email. There is no picture to capture this even, because no one but God knew how significant it would become.

November 29, 2008
After what had seemed like a very long time, Dan asked Justine to begin an official courtship. It may be noted that the actual “asking” was neither that brief, nor that clear, but in the end it was all summed up in a question, “Would you like to find out whether God would have us run this race together?”


November 30, 2008
Justine said yes in a note which she handed to Dan at the beginning of the church service. After he read the note, a song started. It was called, “I will never be the same again” and included the lyrics: “I will walk the path, I’ll run the race, but I will never be the same again.” How fitting that song was!


July, 2009
Justine spent a month in Africa. Dan stayed in the US. And by the end of the month it was clear to Dan’s family (and even a little bit to Dan) that they really should not be apart ever again.


August 3, 2009
Dan welcomed Justine back with a red rose and declared that he never wanted her to go away again, EVER.


December 17, 2009
On a rainy winter evening, as Justine struggled to dish out some homemade lasagna, Dan asked her to marry him. While it was possibly the best night of their lives to date, they never took a single bite of the lasagna. But they did hold hands for the very first time.


August 28, 2010
Wedding day!  The Taylor Family is officially established.


7:52 AM, May 30, 2011

Lydia Hope was born 9 weeks before her due date. She was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).


July 10, 2011
After about six weeks in the NICU, Lydia went home for the very first time.


August 28, 2011
1st Anniversary


May 30, 2012
Lydia turned one.


August 28, 2012
2nd Anniversary


May 2013
Dan graduated with his Master’s degree in math. He accepted his first real full-time job and the Taylor’s moved into a new condo, their first non-campus housing as a family. On the 30th, Lydia turned two.


June 2013
After issues with mold, the Taylors moved again to a temporary home where they reside today.


Coming soon…

November 20, 2013
Baby Number Two is due! We are praying and hopeful that this little one will not be born any more than a few weeks before the due date.