Potty Training Update

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I had no idea that potty training was such a big deal! Thank you to all who have given advice, ideas, prayer, and encouragement since I recently mentioned our first attempt at potty training Lydia. Here’s the full report on how the week went.

Day 1

The method we decided to use involved letting Lydia go diaper-free all day for three days. Because of the current setup of our home, this required Lydia and I to stay in the bathroom all day, whenever she was awake. After breakfast we headed to the bathroom and brought the laptop with us. To pass the time we would listen to Adventures in Odyssey, watch my sisters latest vlog posts, and click through Swagbucks videos (Swagbucks is a topic for a whole different post, but if in the meantime you happen to decide you want to join, please feel free to put me down as a referral). The day wasn’t as long or difficult as I had been dreading, but it wasn’t as successful as I had hoped.

Lydia either doesn’t go to the bathroom very often or she was holding it in. She had about four accidents all day. Each time I would quickly put her on the potty and explain that we go in the potty. By the end she was saying “woops” if she had an accident and even said “Potty!” once right before she had another accident later.

For lunchtime, naptime, and once Dan got home, I put a diaper on Lydia and she promptly went in the diaper, like she had been saving it up all along.

Day 2

Tuesday morning was similar to Monday, but the time passed more slowly. Much to my dismay, Lydia had her first accident while I briefly stepped out of the bathroom to bring her some watermelon. Later, she had her first real success, but she had been asking to sit on the toilet for so long, I’m not sure she really realized when she actually had to “go”. Nevertheless, we celebrated with a short break outside and some raisins, which Lydia absolutely loves.
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Lydia stayed in the bathroom for lunch and ate while sitting on the toilet. She went in the toilet again, but she had been sitting there for a while and I’m not sure she was actually learning anything. She filled her diaper at naptime.  When Dan came home we decided to continue the training by just putting pants on Lydia without a diaper. She wet herself during dinner but obviously was unbothered because she had no reaction whatsoever and sat there until she was done eating and we cleaned her up.

Tuesday night was my breakdown. I didn’t see any progress, was questioning if I was doing it “right” or just confusing Lydia by putting the diapers on her occasionally. I was bored in the bathroom and not looking forward to another whole day of the same.

Day 3

Wednesday actually seemed like Lydia was making a little progress. She would say potty throughout the day, sometimes right before she went and sometimes when she didn’t appear to need to go at all. She was walking around like she had to go for long periods of time and I suspect she was just holding it in. This day she started crying when I put her on the potty and kept asking for me to put a diaper on her. We were both unhappy by the time Dan got home.

Wednesday night we had Bible study so it was on with the diaper for the rest of the night and Lydia seemed very pleased.

Where do we go from here?

While we’re not declaring our three-day attempt a complete failure, it also wasn’t all we had hoped. We suspect Lydia is (at least developmentally) too young to recognize very far ahead of time when she needs to go. However, we don’t want to confuse her by completely throwing in the towel. So lately I have been asking her throughout the day if she needs to go potty and then sometimes I put her on the potty regardless of her answer.

What do you think?

I have heard from a lot of moms already, but what do you think? I guess I’m not exactly looking for criticism on what we have already done (I’m sure there were lots of points where we did it “wrong” and could have done a lot better), but rather some ideas about what to do next. We’re really ok if Lydia doesn’t potty train for many more months, but don’t want to confuse her by just going back to diapers and forgetting the potty altogether.