Abby Update: 10 Days Old

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Weight: Almost 2 pounds, 12 ounces

Feedings: 16 milliliters (about 1 Tablespoon) every 3 hours

Abigail is doing great!  She is almost back up to her birth weight and is due to be weighed again tonight.  As her feedings continue to increase by 3 milliliters each day, she will slowly be weaned from her IV and the doctors will be able to remove her PICC line, which is the line that goes in through her arm and feeds her those fluids.  Today they took away her lipids (fats that they have been feeding her).

Abby’s is off the bilirubin light and digesting well.  Over the past couple of days she has begun to spit up some.  It is very common (but inconvenient) for preemies to develop reflux, so we are praying this will not be the case with little Abby.  Her nurse today said she seemed more relaxed and has only spit up once today, for which we are glad.

The big news is that Abby is off her cannula and breathing on her own.  If she struggles to breath, they’ll put her back on the cannula, but so far she looks like she’s doing great.  As more of the wires and stickers are being removed, Abby looks more and more like a term baby, although still much too small, and today she was wearing her first outfit!

While Abby is doing great, we would appreciate prayers for the rest of our family.   On Friday, the young people from our church moved us into a new apartment.  They did an amazing job.  One young man used his incredible packing skills to rearrange our laundry room into a storage and useable laundry room.  I was also surprised when I opened the cupboards in the kitchen to find nearly all of our kitchen unpacked and put away.  And our super sweet pastor’s wife loaded our fridge with some produce and other healthy foods that she had made.  If anyone who helped ends up reading this, consider this a HUGE thank you!  While everyone was working so hard, I was relaxing in the hospital typing out Abigail’s birth story.

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While Abigail continues to do well, the rest of our family is in need of prayer.   Taking care of our bigger Munchkin, getting in Dan’s time for work, visiting Abby, getting some small amount of rest, and trying to move in, eat, and keep up with at least a little bit of laundry is proving to be a lot.  We have yet to figure out a workable routine, and Lydia is not cooperating well enough to continue bringing her with us to the NICU.  Abby is doing well enough now that we could hold her twice a day, but we haven’t been able to figure out a workable plan that allows us to hold her twice.

Back in May Dan and I moved in to a condo in Ann Arbor, but soon Dan was experiencing all sorts of weird symptoms (feeling sick and nauseous whenever he was home) that we finally attributed to mold.  We rushed out of that condo to a temporary home in Plymouth.  We took a long time finding another place to live, trying to be careful to find a place that wouldn’t make Dan sick again.  However, when we got to see our current apartment, it smelled so strongly of cleaning chemicals that it was hard to tell if there was anything else weird in the air.  Today Dan started feeling nauseous again.  Honestly, it’s too much for me to think about right now.  In fact, I’ve developed a new coping technique where I don’t think about anything except what I’m doing at the moment.  The thought of having to move again is completely ridiculous.  But if Dan is really going to feel very sick whenever he’s home, the thought of staying there for a year is also ridiculous. So I am overwhelmed and at a loss as to what to think or do.  Please pray that his nausea passes, that it’s not related to the new apartment.  Or, pray that if we really are going to have to move (I can barely stand to write that down!) that it will become very clear to us within the next day or two.

Praise the Lord

We are thanking God for:

-Dan’s Mom who helped pack us up for our move and spent a couple days helping with Lydia

-the youth at church who moved us all in a couple of hours

-Abby’s weight gain, breathing success, and freedom from the bilirubin light

Please Pray:

-that Abby will continue to gain weight and breath well, and will stop spitting up (can’t stand to loose those calories!)

-that we will figure out a workable routine-that Dan can get in his hours at work and I can get in the rest I need to stay healthy and strong

-that there will be nothing in our new apartment making Dan feel sick, that he’ll feel much better very soon and we’ll know within a day or two if something needs to change